Nokomis is the first project of its kind to focus on connecting the latest science in regenerative agriculture with the latest science in traditional plant-based extracts to further the health of our bodies and our planet.

The Nokomis Ecology Center is central to that mission. At the Nokomis Ecology Center’s soil lab, we test our soil’s health using the rigorous testing protocols developed by Dr. Elaine Ingham and her network of soil researchers at Soil Food Web Inc.

By continuously composting and feeding the microbiology of our fields with fungal-rich aerated compost, the Nokomis Ecology Center follows Dr. Ingham and the regenerative agriculture movement by practicing the biological science that sustains the health of organic soils and our ecosystems at large.

The Nokomis Ecology Center wants to bring greater access to regenerative soil science technologies by serving our region’s farmers and fields with laboratory services. We aim to support others in the field of regenerative agriculture and in the collective management of our precious soils. Without soil, there is no community.

Third, and most importantly, the Nokomis Ecology Center aims to provide for future generations by serving as a soil outreach center in the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture and soil science. Future generations will face ever-greater challenges in how to prevent soil erosion and how to deal with changing weather conditions. Teaching effective soil management and composting methods will be invaluable in helping our grandchildren and their grandchildren to maintain the health of their fields’ by working with nature and microbiology. By helping future generations to support robust ecosystems in their soils, fields and forests, we hope to help build promising futures in the face of uncertainty.

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